Recliner Sofa Pune

Recline, Relax, Refresh, Repeat
Be it the workspace or your living room, you and your family always need something to relax on. Something that is not your bed and yet gives you a similar repose and refreshing feeling. At Mint Homez, these desires are seeded deep into the designing and manufacturing process of our recliner sofas. Right from the fabric of the upholstery to the intricate functions of the automated reclination, every detail of a recliner sofa is catered to create the most seamless experience one can desire.
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Recliner Sofa Chairs
In the sedentary work and leisure style that we practice today, you will need a companion that cares about your health and comfort for several years to come. Our line of recliner sofa chairs is created to be that companion as you sit long hours working or having conversations. The upholstery consistently maintains the perfect firmness to support your head, back, and hips while the reclining positions seamlessly transition your body from an upright to a more relaxed posture. All of it, while radiating its elegant and modern-day stylish vibes and elevating the grandeur of your workspace.

If you wish to experience the magic of such a recliner sofa, Pune is home to our flagship showroom, where you will find several of its options to choose from.


Sectional Recliner Sofa Sets
Weekend and festive time is family time. It is when you can call your friends and relatives over for a night-long celebration. And you most definitely do not want that time ruined because your living room sofa is not comfortable enough to seat them for long. However, you also do not want your living room to look old fashioned, with mismatching recliner sofa sets that do not go with your decor theme. To kill both these challenging birds in a single stone, our line of sectional recliner sofa sets offers the perfect blend of form, functionality, and flair.

Though for a recliner sofa, Pune now has many brands putting out more fashionable pieces day after day, what discerns our furniture is our ingenuine use of fashion and technology. With our tailored sectional recliner sofa sets, you can rest assured that your living room will transcend its lavishness while your family spends long hours celebrating comfortably.
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We belive that your home is a reflection of your personality and in order to make it perfect we don’t just serve but build a relationship with our clients and ensure that each piece is crafted to their personality.