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Mint Homez

We believe the joys of life revolve around your home and family. Because making dream homes is beyond putting a few furniture pieces together and even beyond simply spending money."The essence of every home is the family dwelling in it! The essence of home decor is understanding that!". Your Home which is so unique to you is a complete reflection of your personality. From the simple pleasures of everyday life to the beautiful memories created over the years, each passing day enriches your home with emotions of laughter tears, happiness, success and much more.

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Sparkling 30,000 sq.ft. of Furniture Showroom

Mint Homez aims at personalizing your very own space by helping you to make the right choices of furniture, furnishings and accessories blended with your lifestyle and creating the most appealing and comfortable homes, just for you. Our team of designers will help you through all the selections most suited and tailored to your space and personal likings. Why should you worry really, when we have a team waiting to serve you and present to you a home of your choice.

Make your home beautiful with US

MINT HOMEZ - Because everyone loves beautiful homes without the mess involved in making it!

We build relationships

We belive that your home is a reflection of your personality and in order to make it perfect we don't just serve but build a relationship with our clients and ensure that each piece is crafted to their personality.

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