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When we say ‘BESPOKE‘, that’s precisely what we mean. From deciding the right size to choosing the right mattress, we help you make your ‘own bed’ while exposing you to a myriad of accessories that harmonise with your bedroom design. We’re one of those very few bed manufacturers in Punewho have established a line of bedding collection which conforms with the modern textures and structures while utilising the traditional quality goods. For us, bedding is a craft and not just a product. Our craftsmen pay acute attention to detail when coming up with a BED set. Every colour, material, shape, and pattern is tested in numerous combinations to invent the best awe-inspiring bed set for your bedroom. We ensure that along with great sleep comfort and elegant design, our beds transform your resting place into a sanctuary where you and your beloved one can find peace, joy and the feeling of togetherness. Once you visit Mint Homez, our team of designers will help you choose from our readily available mattress brands and designs effortlessly. The products displayed on this page are only a slight hint of the mesmerising options you’ll find in ourfurniture showrooms in Pune.
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We belive that your home is a reflection of your personality and in order to make it perfect we don’t just serve but build a relationship with our clients and ensure that each piece is crafted to their personality.