Furnishing is not just about furniture; it is about everything that transforms a brick house into a lively home that you can feel proud of. Quoting the great contemporary poet Charles Bukowski who said, If you are going to try, go all the way ; we strongly believed that helping you out with just the furniture wasn not helping you create the perfect home unless we help you revamp it all the way. And for this reason, we created our specialized in-house team of interior designers who can reimagine various aspects of your home to synergize with our furniture.

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Curtains control the light, shade, and esthetic look of your walls. The curtains you choose for your home will speak a lot about your lifestyle and your mindset to some extent. We will help you find the perfect pairs of curtains which will distinctly express the joyfulness and beauty of your family. You will never have to look for any curtain showrooms ever again.


Lights define the mood and emotions of a room. A lot of decorative lighting showrooms sell standard light sets, which might degrade the vibes of your home as they fail to consider the art behind lighting up a room. Our designers will devise an appropriate lighting plan based on your home is structure, such that the grandiosity and charm of your home are highlighted around the year.


Weekend and festive time is family time. It is when you can call your friends and relatives over for a night-long celebration. And you most definitely do not want that time ruined because your living room sofa is not comfortable enough to seat them for long. However, you also do not want your living room to look old fashioned, with mismatching recliner sofa sets that do not go with your decor theme. To kill both these challenging birds in a single stone, our line of sectional recliner sofa sets offers the perfect blend of form, functionality, and flair.While we focus on embellishing the walls and ceilings, we can not leave the floors lifeless. And what better way to add character to the floor than to add distinct home rugs that synergize with the decor elements above them. We will help you get only the most exquisite rugs that characterize the elegance of your home and help bring out the uniqueness in every other object placed over and around it.


Home Decore
Home Decor
After finalizing your furniture, visiting other home decor showrooms for miscellaneous accessories will cost you a fortune, which is often unnecessary. And we wish to prevent our clients from spending a valuable fortune on something that we can provide at much affordable costs. We will cover every minute detail that entails an excellent home decor plan, right from wall paintings and coffee tables to planters and trellises. We will work with you until we have got everything right as you aspired for your interior home decor.

You can directly contact one of our interior designers and get personalized help and advice on home decor for your lovely homes.


Be it romantic, abstract, contemporary, or traditional, or team will help you in everything from selecting the right wallpapers that reflect your individuality to planning their positions on your walls. Wallpapers are now an integral part of your interior, and hence, should be selected to serve your home decor as a whole, but with a slightly distinct flair. Our latest wallpaper collections are easy to stick and strip whenever you want so that you can change the mood of your rooms with the seasons. Once you get in touch with our interior artists and share your ideas and aspirations, we will ensure that we present only the best and most suitable wallpaper designs you can easily choose from.


TV Unit
TV units
No matter how wide, sharp, or flat TV you buy, it does not add to your living rooms beauty until accompanied by the right TV unit. Our TV units are crafted to express elegance with optimal storage and make the best use of that one special wall. Our multifunctional TV unit designs are meant to hold all your antique collections and knick-knacks, with subtle room for other entertainment devices. You can browse through our extensive range of open and closed TV units to find one that goes with your interior, personifies your lifestyle, and highlights your entire home entertainment system.
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We belive that your home is a reflection of your personality and in order to make it perfect we don’t just serve but build a relationship with our clients and ensure that each piece is crafted to their personality.